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WhatATrill, Maine Coon Cats - Females

Chemicoons Hollywood of Whatatrill (Holly aka Miss Kay)

Hollywood is a dream for us.  She comes to us from Liz Hansen our good friend at Chemicoons in Illinois. A brown classic torbie with high white. Holly has a gorgeous head with a strong muzzle, nice tall ears and lots of flash and a personality to go with it.  I am enjoying showing her, she is a hoot on the table. she's not met a toy she doesn't love!  Make sure to stop by a show and see Holly. Thank you again Liz!

CascadeMtn Malibu of Whatatrill (Bu)

Malibu, is a blue classic torbie with high white.  One of my favorite colors. This young lady is as much of a love as she is beautiful.  She loves nothing more than to head bum and rub my face, while talking the whole time. Bu was very easy to show, and had a very nice kitten career.  She started cycling early though, which shortened her adult career.  A big thank you to Susan and Blair Milburn of CascadeMtn for another beautiful girl!

Malibu's Pedigree:




RW, SGC Sarajen BlackBerry of Whatatrill (Beebs)

Wow! Wow! Wow! How can we ever thank Teri Matzkin of Sarajen Maine Coons for this beautiful young lady.  I have always wanted a solid black for our breeding program. My dream came true this year.  Beebs has chosen Nick as her human. He has trained her to jump on his shoulder, where she will stay as long as he will let her. We love her cute little voice and trills. She has become the nanny of the younger kittens making sure everyone behaves themselves. BlackBerry has now earned her Supreme Grand Championship title (go Beebs!).  Beebs has given us her last litter and will be retiring the summer of 2014.  She would do best in home with no other cats. Dogs would be fine.  If you are interested please drop me an email.

Blackberry's Pedigree:




CH Whatatrill Sedona (Cindy)

Cindy is out of Prada and Kona.  A just gorgeous brown tabby with a stunning coat,perfect profile, big chunky muzzle and wonderul personality.  Cindy had her first litter in the Spring of 2011, we nicknamed them "The Truck Litter".  They were 4 very big and handsome boys. We are looking forward with much anticipation for this years litter. This years (2014) litter is wonderful. 3 beautiful boys and 3 beautiful girls.  Please see the kitten page.

 Sedona's Pedigree:






CH Whatatrill Josette (Josie)

Josie is sired by Kona, and her dam is Verdugo.  We are so happy to have her.  Josie is a brown mackeral tabby with white, and what a lovely pattern she has.  She is a warm and wonderful soul.  She is everyones friend.  She loves to play and be the class clown.  We will look forward to her second litter in the Fall of 2014. 

Josette's Pedigree:


CascadeMtn Firefly of Whatatrill
I have always wanted a high white red classic tabby.  Our friends Susan and Blair Milburn made that dream come true!  This beautiful young lady, is such a sweetheart.  Red females are rare, and this beauty is such a treasure. She has beautiful eyes, long and chunky muzzle, a perfect profile, nice ears and beautiful coat. Look for Firefly to have a litter in the fall of 2014.

 Firefly's Pedigree:




 Photo by Helmi


RW, SGC Whatatrill Silver Star (Star)

We are very proud to announce the addition of our Silver Star to the female line-up. Star is out of Silver Bells and Kona.  She was raised by our good friend Jennifer Knoth and her family in San Jose.  We can not thank Jennifer enough for this beautiful young lady.  Look at this chin and ears, wonderful color and great personality.  Special thanks to Cassy and Selene who prepared this young lady for the show hall and loved and cared for her.  Star has now been to two shows.  In her very first show in Sacramento, CA, Star had 12 finals in 16 rings, and was 2nd best kitten in show!  Then in her 2nd show in Reno, NV,  Star had 10 finals in 12 rings!  She was the best Maine Coon (kitten, cat or alter) in show and the Reno Silver Cats presented her with the HapiK Moose Cannon award! Wow, we are so proud of this beautiful young lady!!!!! Star has gone on to achieve a Supreme Grand Champion title (not easy for the girls) and did it very handily....  We look forward to Star's second litter sometime in the Fall of 2014.

Silver Star's Pedigree:


RW, GRC, Whatatrill Pants on Fire (Poof)

Poof is a one of a kind. She is a red silver classic tabby with white.  What a wonderful cat she is. She is a great mom, never leaves her babies, and will take care of anyone's babies if they are available.  She trills throughout the day, and talks to me constantly.  She is sweet as can be, purrs constantly, loves to lie in my lap, and give me kisses. Definitely mommas girl.

Poof's Pedigree:


RW, SGC, CascadeMtn Sambuca of Whatatrill (Sammy)

We cannot thank Susan and Blair Milburn at CascadeMtn enough for our beautiful Sammy.
Sammy, is a big girl, weighing in at around 16 pounds. She has a deep heavy coat, deep heavy boning, lovely head type and overall sweet sweet personality.  Sammy was a dream to show, so easy going.  She became a Supreme Grand Champion in just 4 shows, tough for a girl to do.

Sambuca's Pedigree:




Our Maine Coon cattery breeds and shows championship cats and beautiful pet kittens. Our cattery is registered in CFA and TICA. We are located in Northern California.

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