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WhatATrill, Maine Coon Kittens

  Spring/Summer 2015 Kittens, see below!


When inquiring about kittens please let me know a little about you.  Where you live and work, other family members human and pets. If you have a good vet, what the kittens routine would be from day to day, what type of food you would feed, etc.

Why do some of the kittens say they are under evaluation? From the point the kittens are born they are being evaluated for pet, breeder or show quality.  Often times kittens are determined to be pets just because there is a spot of color or white just where it shouldn't be.  Often times we can't tell how high the ears will be or where they will set on the head, only time will tell that. If you see a kitten that interests you and it does not say RESERVED, please send me an email or call me.  I will give you the current status for the kitten, and put you on the waiting list for that kitten if appropriate.

News about kittens for 2015.  Currently demand is very high for kittens.  You will have to be patient.  We will try to match a kitten with your needs, color, sex and personality, etc.  Please check back with us often, as updates will be posted here. 

IMPORTANT!  If you are interested in any of these kittens, each has its own waiting list.  Email me with which kittens list you would like to be on, you can be on as many as you like.  Once the evaluation process is done the kitten will be determined to be of pet, show or breeder quality (Only about 1% of our kittens go on to be show cats).  If the kitten is determined to be a pet the waiting list will be informed.  Once a deposit is placed then that kitten is held exclusively just for you. They may go to their new homes at 12-15 weeks. The evaluation process may go on up through the age of 10-11 weeks.


 Please email Janet at: montynmom@comcast.net

Sedona and Pinky have 5 beautiful kittens born on April 11, 2015.  2 females, a black silver classic torbie with white, a black classic torbie with white.  3 males, a brown classic tabby, a brown classic tabby with white, a black silver classic tabby with white.

If you are interested in these please email with the Kitten name ('s) and the information requested above.

All 5...an impossible photo to get at this age...

Chuck,  Male, Brown Classic Tabby with White

Wooly Bear, Male, Brown Classic Tabby

Electra, Female, Black Silver Classic torbie with white

Harlequin, Female, Brown Classic Torbie with white

Buddha, Male, Black Silver Classic Tabby with white

TigerLily (Sedona x Pinky) and Stetson (aka Goofy)

Have 6 beautiful kittens that were born on March 6th, there are 4 boys and 2 girls.  TigerLily is loved and owned by my friend Robin. I am mentoring Robin in the breeding and show world.  This is Robin and TigerLily's second litter, and they are doing a fabulous job raising this one.  They are located in Marin.

If you are interested in these kittens please email me the kitten #('s)


Kitten 1, Female.  Brown Mackeral Tabby

Kitten 2, Male.  Brown Classic tabby w/white

Kitten 3, Female.  Brown Classic tabby w/white

Kitten 4, Male.  Brown Mackeral Tabby

Kitten 5, Male.  Brown classic tabby.

Kitten 6, Male.  Red Mackeral tabby

******All the kittens below have been adopted******

TigerLily and Scully born March 2014

This litter was born at my friend Robin Berenson's home in Marin.  I am

currently mentoring Robin and this is her first litter.

HD Thoreau, a red mackerel tabby with white, Male, RESERVED for Nancy

Malibu and Scully kittens born April 2014

Conan, a red classic tabby with high white, Male, RESERVED for Carla

JJ, brown classic tabby with white, Male, RESERVED for Dave and Lisa

Napoleon, red mackerel tabby with white, Male, RESERVED for Joan

Mitzi, a brown classic torbie with white, Female, RESERVED for Heather

Mango, a red classic tabby with white, Female, RESERVED for Liz

Van Gogh, a red classic tabby with white, Male, RESERVED for Marina

Spring 2014 Kittens

The kittens below have all been adopted!

Blackberry and Pinky, born February 2014

Chip, a black smoke with white, male. RESERVED for Tom and Tina

Halo, a black silver torbie with white, female. RESERVED for Gene

Disco, a black silver torbie with white, female. RESERVED for Jill

Elton, a solid black, male.  RESERVED for Jan.

Scrabble, a black silver tabby, male. RESERVED for Alex and family

Pants on Fire (Poof) and Scandalous (Scully)

Born February 2014

Don Quixote (DQ) a red mackeral tabby with high white, male. RESERVED for Katie and Ulisses

Merle, a red silver with high white, male. RESERVED for Jan.

Sienna, a red mackeral tabby w/white, female. RESERVED for Nancy

PJ (Poof Junior), a red silver classic tabby with high white, female

. RESERVED for Yurie

Ombre, a red silver tabby with high white, male.  RESERVED for Kevin

Coral, a red silver tabby with high white, female.  RESERVED for Connie and Steve

Sedona and Pinky, February 2014

Aurora, a black smoke tortie/torbie with white, female.  RESERVED for Leanna and Sean

Athena, a black silver torbie with white, female.  RESERVED for Arthur and Yvonne

Hercules, a black silver tabby, male.  RESERVEDn for Jan and Mike


Apollo, a black and white, male. RESERVED for Tom and Tina

Andromida, a black silver torbie with white, female. Under EVALUATION

Zeus, a black silver classic tabby with white, male. RESERVED for Yurie

The kittens below have all been adopted

Macy and Scully, Born August 2013

Adrienne, a red classic and white female (Reserved for Roseanna)

Rocky, a red mackeral tabby and white male (Reserved for Shelley)
Macy and Scully have 2 kittens born August 201


Blackberry x Fruli, March 2013 

  Berry and Pinky have 5 beautiful kittens,  1 male brown tabby and white and 4 females, 3 black silver torbies and 1 black smoke tortie.


Blackberry and her babies



Brown Classic Tabby w/white, Male  - Under Evaluation


Silver Torbie, Female - Under Evaluation

Silver Torbie, Female - Under Evaluation


Silver Torbie, Female - Under Evaluation


Smoke Tortie, Female - Under Evaluation







Meg and Kona have 3 kittens born on April 29th, 2011:



Princess Kate (Duchess) female, brown classic tabby with white


Pippa, female, brown classic tabby

Prince Harry, male, red classic tabby



Bella and Pinky have a litter of 4 born April 30, 2011



Run for the Roses, (Rose) female, red classic tabby with white




Mucho Macho Man (Mucho), black silver classic tabby with white


Ruffian, female, red silver classic tabby with white

Ruffian is RESERVED


Pants of Fire (Poof), female, red shaded silver with high white,




Sedona and Pinky have 4 kittens born on May 15, 2011




Remington, male,  black silver classic tabby


Palladin, male,  brown classic tabby with white


Winchester, male, brown classic tabby


Granite Chief, male, black  silver classic tabby with white



Verdugo has a litter of 3 born May 17, 2011




Iggy Pop, male, brown mackeral tabby with white\


Lady Gaga, female, black silver mackeral torbie with white


Ramone, male, red silver mackeral tabby with white




The kittens below have all been adopted and have gone to their new homes:


Blackberry and Pinky have a litter born on February 22, 2011.  They have a litter of 4.

2 black smoke males, 1 black smoke male with white, and 1 black tortie and white female.


Flint, Ash, Ember and Cinder


Silver Bells and Kona have a litter born January 27, 2011.  They have 2 black silvers and a black smoke, all are males.


Cassius,  black silver tabby, at almost 6 weeks


Selenius, black silver tabby,  at almost 6 weeks

Tiberius, a black smoke, at almost 6 weeks


RW, SGC  Mainesuspect Samurai of CascadeMtn and RW, SGC, Whatatrill Verdugo have

7 beautiful babies.  Thes kittens have all been reserved and placed.





BlackBerry and Pinky have four beautiful babies.  These kittens are all reserved.

Alaska, a black smoke tortie and white



Bonfire Bonnie, a black (brown) tortie with white


Slate, a black silver classic tabby


Stellar, a black silver classic tabby w/white 

  Prada and Kona kittens are here.   

Below are Prada's 2 brown classic male kittens.

These kittens are reserved.







Below are some of our recent litters.  All of these kittens have been placed.

If you are interested in being on our waiting list please email Janet at montynmom@comcast.net

Here are the Blue Angels from Penny's litter below.  These kittens have all been placed except for Violet.  Violet will staying with us as she has worked her way into our hearts.

Penny has 4 beautiful babies (all blue) born on Ocotber 22nd, 2009. Although we were not expecting these babies quite so soon we are thrilled. (We normally like to give the mom's a longer break, but Kona had a different idea).  Kona  is the proud daddy of these beautiful babies. We have 1 boy and 3 girls.






Verdugo has 4 beautiful boys with Parker, born on

June 19, 2009

These boys are all reserved






Pam has 5 beautiful babies with Parker, born on

May 29th, 2009 

All these kittens have been placed

Pam and the "Rat Pack"



Humphrey Bogart - "Bogie"


Dean Martin - "Dino"

Frank Sinatra - "Frankie"

Judy Garland - "Judy"


 Sammy Davis, Jr. - "Sammy"





Penny & Dane's litter 2/2009 



The Little Women, Brie, Meg, Truffles and Kisa

These beautiful kittens have all been adopted accept for Meg who appears on our "Females " page.  Meg is part of our family and a very important of our breeding program.


If you are lucky enough to adopt a Whatatrill kitten, we do have some "after"  the purchase requirements. Pictures...we want to see what are beautiful babies have grown up to be. We will occasionally share those photos here.

When inquiring please tell us a little about yourself and how our kittens will live.




Dane & Buzz

Penny's recent litter of 9! We spent many a night supplementing these beautiful babies. All survived (including us) and all but Pam (see the female page) have been adopted to wonderful homes!

Kyo, Cosmo's brother, loved by Maryann, Lara & Emily in Middletown, CA

Kisa, also loved and adored my Maryann, Emily and Lara. We get updates regularly on the antics of Kyo and Kisa. They are quite a pair! Keep your eyes open you may see these two in a special pet stroller taking walks with their 3 owners. They are also regulars at a Borders near you!

If you are interested in kitten availability please email me at
montynmom@comcast.net or call me at (707) 338-1261(707) 338-1261

Our Maine Coon cattery breeds and shows championship cats and beautiful pet kittens. Our cattery is registered in CFA and TICA. We are located in Northern California.

Maine Coon Lover

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